Hi WhalePanda. You have some very important points on your article and I agree that Ethereum must become more than just a platform for token sales if it wants to prove it’s value–and I believe it will eventually, as a great platform for managing those funds in a transparent manner.

But an important clarification: Vitalik is NOT a member of the “all star team” of Primal base, unlike they are promoting on their site and promoted facebook ads. He never heard about them, never met them and neither would I if it weren’t for this scammers here trying to use his photo for self promotion.

As a member of the Ethereum Foundation I do not share the belief that core developers are to blame for these abuses and many among us speak out against many of them. Also: Vitalik is definitely not a benevolent dictator on the ecossystem, he is more like the queen of england — everyone respects his opinion because he doesn’t force it agains anyone.

Designer, Ethereum Foundation, Mist Browser.

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