> Of course the people that paid extra Ether, because they invested in the DAO at higher prices, were still getting screwed over.

Not true. The extrabalance is now controlled by a new group of curators that include people from many exchanges. You should read more about it.

> Recently, after the hard fork and after the funds became available he (me) started saying he had nothing to do with it anymore.

I was involved in the initial drainage. I wasn’t tech savvy enough to be able to execute any of code but I volunteered to be public about it as soon as it happened: otherwise it would be seen as an external attack that could crash the market.

I have never attacked ether classic, I even moderated our own community to remove posts that wanted to organize one. It’s my opinion that Classic is here to stay and we have to live with it, as a living proof that the system can survive a contentious fork even if 90% of the hashpower wants it. I doubt we’ll see anything like this again and in a year or so the reasons for the split won’t really matter anymore.

> There is this well known quote from Gandhi:

Known to be misattributed, as 90% of the quotes attributted to ghandi. You should really read more. The rest of the post is mostly a conspiratory rant where you intentionally try to mischaracterize a network of multiple people and groups that work with each other and have common elements as a single unified group working behind the scenes to create the whole DAO conspiracy. This is a typical approach from anyone trying to build a conspiracy theory, try to prove single the existance of a larger unified cabal by proving individual connections.

And it would be the lamest conspiracy ever: if anything most people I know on the EF would have preferred that the whole DAO debacle never happened in the first place, we spent a lot of time, the community split, a lot of people lost money, the market crashed and now we have all sorts os lunatics writing conspiracy posts about it. No one is better off for it.

Now I agree that the Bity guys completelly screwed up when they sent it to an exchange. In my opinion they should have simply created a contract that had three options: donate the ether classic to the white hat hackers, get 90% and donate the rest and a “I’m an asshole and want it all” button that would send 100% of the funds to an address of your choosing. This wouldn’t require involving a legal entity like Bity and if cleverly done you could use the constant replayed transactions to ensure that someone could do it from Mist without even needing to sync a classic blockchain.

I understand why they would rather go with an external entity like Bity, posts like yours prove that there are tons of people out there to get them, even though we all worked hard to help people their eth back, and these guys worked their asses to get some of the classic back. They get lawyers because people are out to get them, the help tries to think outside the chain and does something that makes people angrier. It’s a vicious cycle of BS.

Designer, Ethereum Foundation, Mist Browser.

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