Token-Curating the Truth

Eternal Septembers

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  • Every community is created by a having a different “reputation token” that you need to own before you post about it
  • Instead of moderators, any user can post a thread to a topic and stake a bit of their reputation on it. Others that “upvote” it are also staking their reputation that that content belongs on that community. If someone believes it doesn’t belong there, they can make a mod request by stake some reputation against it.
  • After a given set of time, whichever side has more stake wins and the reputation tokens redistributed accordingly, and the content either remains or is removed
  • The older and more active a user is, the more reputation of that token they have, but often these are not active, meaning that “voting” is actually a bet on “how would the members of this original community vote on this issue” meaning that the community amplifies it’s early culture and multiplies them to the new users
  • Tokens are bonded to an inflationary base token, which dilutes away the value of inactive members and redistributes it to active users


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Alex Van de Sande

Alex Van de Sande

Designer, Ethereum Foundation, Mist Browser.